Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Can't Open It - McCormick Sea Salt Grinder

Millie bought a McCormick Sea Salt Grinder because she heard that it was good. Problem was, she couldn't open it!

So she waited for her some Steve to come over to help. In the video she explains her problem.

Watch the results!

Remove cap. Turn upside down and twist.

McCormick Sea Salt Grinder 12/2.12 oz

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McCormick Compliment - Take this with a grain of SEA salt , Sea Salt Grinder

Discover The Pure Splendor Of Sea Salt:
Praised by celebrity chefs for its distinctive, sophisticated flavor, natural sea salts have quickly become one of the hottest culinary crazes in the past decade. Now, McCormick has introduced an exciting new line of Gourmet Collection Sea Salts created especially for the home cook.
Secrets in Stereo - Tonight
Used with permission of Josh Ryan

Steve Garfield


Bridget said...

I'm 15 and I'm getting into cooking, I just bought one of these and I couldn't figure out how to open it. Thanks so much!

charlene mcbride said...

sea salt is better in theory because it tastes saltier than table salt, so you can use less of it.

the one drawback is that it doesn't have iodine added so that can be an issue for people who don't get into their diets from other foods.

I happen to be fond of celtic sea salt made by eden which comes in a large jar. it somehow has a richness in the flavor.