Monday, September 3, 2007

I Can't Open It - Lemon Pepper and Roll On Deodorant

Millie can figure out how to get the Lemon Pepper out of the container.

She also has a problem determining how much Ban roll-on deodorant is left.

I Can't Open It X.

I Can't Open It - Lemon Cake

While in Florida, Millie from My Mom's Blog has some trouble getting a Lemon Creme Cake out of it's package.

She says, "It almost turned out to be a lemon."

Originally posted December 14, 2006, I Can't Open It IX.

I Can't Open It - Scope, Dove, and Advil

This time Millie can't get a stuck spoon out of the dishwasher silverware basket, can't open a bottle of Scope mouthwash, can't get the Dove hand lotion out of a bottle, and can't open an Advil bottle. She needed pain relief but the Advil bottle thwarted her!

This time Steve explains the steps to take to open each bottle and Millie tries again to open each one. Watch the video to see how she does!

Originally posted November 28, 2006, I Can't Open It VIII

I Can't Open It - Whipped Cream

I have trouble opening a can of whipped cream.

Originally posted November 01, 2006, I Can't Open It VII.

I Can't Open It - Perfume Again

Can't open a perfume sample again, but get a gift from stretch-tite to help me open plastic wrap.

Originally posted on June 27, 2006, I Can't Open It VI

I Can't Open It - Tape, volumizer and a radio

This time it's tape, volumizer and a radio. I can't open it and I can't close it!

Originally posted June 07, 2006, I Can't Open It V.

I Can't Open It - Perfume and Spatula

In this episode my mom can't get the perfume out of the dispenser and can't remove the spatula from the display card.

Originally posted February 13, 2006, I Can't Open It IV

I Can't Open It - Tylenol, Dental Floss, Conditioner

My Mom Can't Open Tylenol, Dental Floss and Shampoo.

Originally posted April 27, 2005, I Can't Open It III

I Can't Open It - Plastic Wrap, Deodorant, Toothpicks

Originally posted October 24, 2005, I Can't Open It II.

I Can't Open It - Nescafe Coffee

My Mom Can't Open Nescafe Coffee.

Originaly posted August 03, 2004, I Can't Open It I.